Factory Price

Factory Price, Refuse The Middleman To Earn The Price Difference.


Distributors Exist In All Regions Of The USA, UK, GER, CA And JPN.


If I placed the order, how long it will delivery?

All orders placed on bmsup.com are processed within 2 business days. Delivery times within 1 – 5 business days.

What type of glue i can use to glue small scratch on SUP board material?

Due to the restriction of Glue on sea freight, we do not provide any glue inside our kit package. If any small scratch on SUP happens, please buy the PVC glue online or from the local supermarket.😄

How much air pressure i should pump into my inflatable board?

We recommend inflating our boards to 12-15 PSI.

Where can i store an infatable boards?

Unlike traditional hard paddleboards, our storage room for ISUP is relatively small. it's very compact and portable.

Is it very difficult to pump up an inflatable paddle board?

It’s not difficult at all. Our iSUP pump is a double-acting pump that allows you to “switch gears” as pumping becomes more and more difficult. Although pumping up your board will give you some exercise, you can accomplish it in about 10 minutes.

How to win beyond marina souvenir or gift?

Post your review on Amazon or social media, capture the screenshot and send us your address by messenger. After that, our customer will send out our gift.Answer

Are BM infatable boards durable?

Perhaps the main concern for our paddle boards is their durability, which is an understandable consideration when looking at general inflatable products. But this inflatable board can withstand any bumps even in intense paddle boarding.

If i do not like the product, can I return and refund?

Of course you can! All BM sup boards offer free returns for 30 days.