The founder of BEYOND MARINA paddle board, who has been fully engaging in the paddle board business over many years. He is enthusiastic fan of inflatable paddle boarding.

So We have been working hard to create a new innovative technology for our inflatable panels to improve customer experience.

Lighter but stronger is our focus.



Utilize new cutting edge FeathlerLIGHT double wall material, given the performance of ultralight but more stable on the water

Stable & Robust

Collection features a wider deck, a sleek, refined look, and performs well in all water conditions and activities.

Excellent Design

Each board was designed by our designer who has rich experience in paddle board design, our unique design were recognized and praised by customer wordwidely

Quality Assurance

Each board will be tested completely before packing, the unique code help us tracking the quality info and getting improvement

Money Back guaranteed

30 days money back guaranteed. One year warranty!

Second To None Service

Providing 7*24 hours on line support, always stand behind our product

Beyond Marina Beyond Your limit


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I Ordered The Product, How Long Will It Take To Get It?

All orders placed on bmsup.com are processed within 2 business days. Delivery times within 1 – 5 business days.

How Much Air Ahould I Pump Into My Inflatable Board?

We recommend inflating our boards to 12-15 PSI.

Where Can I Store An Infatable Boards?

Many people think this is the main advantage of having an inflatable SUP. The reality is that for a solid wood board, storing it becomes cumbersome, especially when you don’t have indoor or outdoor space. After all, these are quite large!

Is It Very Difficult To Pump Up An Inflatable Paddle Board?

It’s not difficult at all. Our iSUP pump is a double-acting pump that allows you to “switch gears” as pumping becomes more and more difficult. Although pumping up your board will give you some exercise, you can accomplish in about 10 minutes.

Are BM Infatable Boards Durable?

Perhaps the main concern for our paddle boards is their durability, which is an understandable consideration when looking at general inflatable products. But this inflatable board can withstand any bumps even in intense paddle boarding.

If I Do Not Like The Product, Can I Return?

Of course you can! All BM sup boards offer free returns for 30 days.