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The Leader of Ultra light Paddle Board!

Paddleboard surfing is the fastest growing water sport in the world in recent years! It is also one of the best outdoor sports which is keep certain social distance in Covid19 time.

There are many types of paddles, ranging from full all round board, fishing sup, yoga sup, etc. You may not have experienced inflatable paddles yet – but they’re in the wave for a reason! Highly portable, super durable and super fun – we recommend all round paddle board for most people. If you are a novice or experienced paddler, you will find the all round board that suits you best.

We are the quality and brand palyer of paddler board. All our board are made of the Ultra light and highest quality drop stitch fabic laminated with strong PVC material. Our high quality boards prevent falling, biting or scratching. Every single board goes through multi-stage strict quality inspection, so you know you are getting a strong and reliable sup.

We continue to innovate and design in all series paddle board, leverage the wisdom and expertise of team members to pursue customer satisfaction. Our borads are well appraised by our global customer from US, Canada, Japan and Europe etc.

Not only Ultra light, but also super large loading area, extra grip handle, super long traction pad, and are wrapped up in a creative and unique design.

                                                                                       ABOUT US

Beyond Marina has been committed to the innovation of the inflatable paddle industry in the United States for many years. We sell our paddle board by e-commerce wordwidely, providing the best quality and price paddle board via website and amazon etc. We always stand behind our paddle board and provide second to none service in 24*7 hours.

2021 New Paddle Boards

BM Paddle board structure

blue 3D paddle board

Customer review

Johnson Smith

Professional Paddler

This SUP is quality made. It’s easy to assemble, blow up & middle fin is simple to get in & lock - the paddle is great & easy to adjust. It’s really firm comfortable to stand on - the backpack is large & a little heavy carrying the board to the water, but if I keep at it I know it will get easier. I would recommend this product- I looked at a lot of them to make my decision.
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Susan Hill

Paddle Board Fans

I was a little leery at first since there were no reviews on this SUP when I bought the first one. I love it. It's durable and extremely light weight. The paddle with a carbon shaft is also light and well built. It took about 150 pumps on the included pump to get the SUP completely inflated and up to pressure. The pump was a little stiff out of the box, but easily resolved with a little silicone grease. The bag included with the SUP is very nice and a much higher quality than I expected for an SUP at this price point. Overall, I was so impressed that I bought a second board so I can drag a friend onto the water with me next time I go out.
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paddle board review on first page 02

Angelika Kruou

Kayak Expert

I purchased this about a month ago. I've used it several times. I'm a 5' 11" 185 lb female and this board supported myself and my mini Australian Shepherd. It was easy to inflate, I was able to get it to the appropriate PSI. I inflated it right when I got it and kept it inflated to make sure it didn't lose air. The paddle is great they have etching on one side of the T grip and it is formed to fit your hand better. Very happy and such a great deal. One of my friends has a RED brand SUP and hers is slightly thinner but weighs about 7 more lbs. She could not believe how light my board was.
paddle board review on first page 02
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